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Vibro -

Technician in an oil and gas refinery

We conduct noise and vibration monitoring to meet regulatory requirements, on-site noise and vibration investigations, noise prediction studies, turnkey projects and environmental noise and vibration impact assessments.

Structural &
Fluid Dynamics

Water pump station
Our experience in these areas has mainly been in the service of the petrochemical, oil and gas as well as water infrastructure and building services industry. As mechanical engineers trained in structural and fluid dynamics, we view our clients’ problems through the lenses of a multi-physics, integrated approach.

Health & Safety

At ADZAAN, we believe the protection of worker health and safety as well as the environmental impact of businesses, is a concern for everyone. Our experience in various sectors gives us the knowledge and experience to formulate effective and practical EHS solutions.

Get To Know Us

ADZAAN is an expansion of the Arabic word UDZUN which means the ear.

ADZAAN CONSULTING PTE LTD started out in 1996 as ADZAAN Vibro-Acoustics, an engineering consulting firm specialising in noise and vibration. Over the years, we have strengthened our capabilities and competencies in other core areas, namely fluid dynamics and environmental, health and safety.

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