About Us

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” ~ Ronald E. Osborn


ADZAAN CONSULTING PTE LTD started out in 1996 as ADZAAN Vibro-Acoustics, an engineering consulting firm specialising in noise and vibration. Over the years, we have strengthened our capabilities and competencies in other core areas, namely fluid dynamics and environmental, health and safety.

ADZAAN is also an expansion of the Arabic word UDZUN which means the ear. The ear is not only our primary sensor for detecting sound, but its construction and operating mechanism clearly demonstrate the inter-relatedness of sound and vibration.

Our Vision

To be a leading-edge multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy serving the global market in partnership with locally based EPC clients and serving the regional and local markets via strong internet presence and onsite capabilities.

Our Mission

To provide value added engineering services, based on an integrated multi-disciplinary approach.


A key philosophy of our company is to provide value added engineering analysis for every job that we do. We believe that a careful and comprehensive analysis would in most cases lead to a better and more cost effective solution.

We also believe in doing the job right, and thus incorporate a “work till resolved” clause in our proposals in appropriate situations.

ADZAAN hopes to find a niche for itself as a consulting firm with a reputation for providing technically sound and economically viable solutions to the many engineering-related problems faced by companies.

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