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Busy 2015

Good Day Everyone,

Amazingly, it has been almost a year since we last posted!! We have been very busy in 2015, with multiple projects at home and overseas. These projects include;

Sea trials onboard a Jack-up rig for one ADZAAN team and 9-day China deployment in Szechuan province for another ADZAAN team in the first quarter of 2015. This was followed by another Jack-up rig Noise & Vibration survey and an onsite Flow Induced Vibration study offshore Miri, Malaysia in the second quarter of 2015. The third quarter saw ADZAAN teams offshore for two different sea trials.


Projects at home included several Noise & Vibration Prediction Studies for FPSOs and condominium developments as well as floor vibration investigations, CFD airflow study and multiple sump model tests, surge analysis and vibraiton analysis for the water / wastewater industries.

All in, a very busy year. Thank you all for the support and belief in us. In line with this growth, we plan to expand our team in order to serve you even better. We are in the midst of putting on several more engineers before year end and look forward to your continued support.

Thank You,

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