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The proper management of vibration and acoustics (or vibro-acoustics), has been a hallmark of Adzaan’s team, having begun as noise and vibration specialists. Our experience across several industries in resolving vibro-acoustics issues has illustrated to us the importance of customising each solution to the client’s work environment, while appreciating the prevalence of common factors that cause such problems.

We conduct noise and vibration monitoring to meet regulatory requirements, on-site noise and vibration investigations, noise prediction studies, turnkey projects and environmental noise and vibration impact assessments. Through the use of vibration and acoustic modelling software, we are able to effectively predict the outcome of such problems, and implement solutions efficiently.

Fluid Dynamics

Fluid dynamics relates to the study of liquids and gases in motion, and covers a wide range of engineering applications including surge analysis, pipe flow analysis, sump model testing, airflow investigation and flow measurement.

fluiddynamicsAdzaan’s experience in this area has mainly been in the service of the petrochemical, oil and gas as well as water infrastructure and building services industry. As mechanical engineers trained in structural and fluid dynamics, we view our clients’ problems through the lenses of a multi-physics, integrated approach.

In addition, through the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA), we have successfully solved several of our clients’ more complex problems.

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)

At Adzaan, we believe the protection of worker health and safety as well as the impact of a business on the environment is everybody’s business. Recent events, especially in the offshore and marine sector, have highlighted the need for effective, practical solutions in EHS.

Despite its broad nature, our solutions provided are industry-specific. For instance, for the oil and gas sector, we offer consulting in areas which are of greater concern for offshore engineers, such as acoustically induced vibration (AIV) and flow induced vibration (FIV) of pipes and vessels, fire and explosion assessments, contaminant dispersion studies and flare radiation studies. For the biotechnology industry, our consulting services seek to ensure that worker exposure and environmental limits are met.


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