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ADZAAN Staff At the Podium

Good Day Everyone,

In line with our efforts to engage with new partners and future clients, ADZAAN staff shared their knowledge and experience at two very different platforms.

Our principal consultant, Mr Aziz Gulam, gave a talk on 1st September 2014 on ‘Understanding Building Acoustics’. This was done in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Our associate, Dr Imran Halimi, presented a paper on ‘Utilizing CFD as a tool for sump model design’ at the recent 11th International Conference on Hydrodynamics. The paper was co-authored by ADZAAN staff Mr Aziz Gulam and Mdm Rohayah Abdul Latip and was based on ADZAAN experience in carrying out sump model tests for our clients.

Thank You,

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