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Turn your Android Smartphone into a handheld vibration analyser! With 20 years worth of expertise in your hands, vibration analysis can be done at your convenience

Record Measurements

Use the phone’s in-built accelerometer to do spot checks or purchase our external wireless sensor that allows you to measure vibration at a safe distance. Store and manage the measured data for future use.

Check for Compliance

Perform FFT on your measured time data and check if they comply with known ISO standards of your choice.

Analyse Trend Data

Trend your measured data over time and detect any increased vibration levels, indicating possible mechanical faults. It can also be used to compare vibrations across machines.

Analyse Faults on the spot

Analyse vibration measurements for possible faults. We have incorporated our knowledge and expertise of over 20 years to allow you to analyse various faults.

VibroLyser™ can be customised to suit your industry as well. Give us a call or message and we will get back to you with the best deals for your industrial needs.

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